The Chronicles of Spellborn

The Chronicles of Spellborn - Interview mit den Machern von Spellborn

Wir sprechen mit den Machern von Spellborn - was bietet das kommende MMOG?

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The Chronicles of Spellborn - MMOG Welten Special

Passend zum ersten öffentlichen Movie zu The Chronicles of Spellborn haben wir ein umfassendes Interview mit den Spellborn Entwicklern geführt. Vielen Dank an Thee, für die wirklich interessanten Fragen. 

Weiterhin findet ihr in unsere Detailbox den Link zum ersten Spellborn Movie und zu der deutschen Übersetzung des Interviews. Weiterhin haben wir in unserer gallerie noch zwei brandheisse Screenshots hochgeladen. Viel Spass beim durchlesen des Interviews und beim anschauen des wirklich schönen Trailers.



Q: Spellborn International seems to be a rather unknown and new development studio. Please give us some information about your studio and what you’ve done so far.

A: Spellborn International Ltd was setup especially to develop The Chronicles of Spellborn. Our team consists of many disciplines ranging from game developers to comic book artists.

Q: How long have you been working on „The Chronicles Of Spellborn“ so far?

A: In April 2004 the preproduction phase started. In this early months many concepts and techniques were tested and trialled. In 2005 we started the real production phase and we are currently in the middle of integrating all the components so that we can start the demo phase.

Q: With all the released and upcoming titles in 2006, why should people look forward to „The Chronicles Of Spellborn“?

A: I think our design principles still stand strong:

  • A player wants to look cool from the start and experience fun right away

  • A player wants to influence the world and make a difference

  • Players want to interact and fight against each other.

By allowing people to chose their looks from the start including cool clothing, armors and weapons we will have world filled with heroes from the start. When looking like a hero one should be able to have meaningful tasks as well. By entering the past and understanding the present world quests can be cool even for new players.

Being able to win your own statue or own a shop with your guild after a glorious fight in the Arena will be your way of showing the world your progress. Heroic deeds during conquest or even Ancestral quests will be seen and rewarded as well in the world.

The Chronicles of Spellborn will offer the opportunity for various styles of PvP and instanced questing by allowing you and your friends to explore the history of the Ancestor world and by using various mechanisms to win a conquest or to challenge a foe.

We definitely think that a mix of the above together with the unique setting of the game will make us different from the rest.






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