Guild Wars 2 - ArenaNet im Interview - Teil 1

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Onlinewelten: Could you tell us a bit about how the races relate to each other in general?

Ree Soesbee: Old angers and different values make the races unwilling to ally with one another; too many of the leaders in Tyria have their own ideas about ‘how things should be run’ to make for easy or simple relations. Further, some races – like the humans and the charr – are still skirmishing and arguing about historical grievances even while they’re trying to make peace. The sylvari are so new that most races view them with a certain amount of uncertainty and mistrust, while the asura go to great lengths to make sure everyone else realizes their intellectual superiority. As for the norn, they’re more focused on the individual hero than the overall ‘nation,’ so it is nearly impossible for any of them to say they speak for their race as a whole.

As a player in Tyria, all races will be able to work and adventure together, and experience the wonders of the world. There may be cultural biases or other difficulties, but it is possible for a human to visit the charr’s Black Citadel, or for a charr to walk the streets of Divinity’s Reach. And all races congregate in Lion’s Arch – the one true haven of cooperation and peace.

Onlinewelten: The trailer shows a sylvari calling up a tree creature and the asura are surrounded by golems. Are these creatures comparable to pets? If so, does every race have one?

Eric Flannum: I can’t comment on exactly how the creature you speak of is used by the sylvari or how the asura use their golems, but it is fair to say that all of the races have comparable abilities. The norn, for example, have their various half-norn/half-animal forms.

Onlinewelten: Many fans have longed for dwarves. Why didn’t they make it as a playable race?

Eric Flannum: One of the things that we try to do with our story and lore is to build a sort of roadmap for where the world and all the races that inhabit it have been and where they are going in the future. The dwarves have played an important part in past events (more than players are even aware of at this time) and will have a role in the future as well. Because of the destiny we chose for the dwarven race, they didn’t make a particularly compelling playable race for Guild Wars 2. But who knows what the future holds for them?


Guild Wars 2
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Zu Befehl.^^ Guckst du hier :D


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Hach, nach 3 Jahren Guild Wars 1 dachte ich mir, GW2 wird nicht viel anders, aber so hab ich wieder Bock das Game zu zoggen.

Her mit Teil 2 Sven aber dallie xD

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Die haben STARGATES !!!!!

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Klar freuen wir uns über viele Leser *g*, aber der Hauptgrund für die Teilung war, dass es auf einen Schlag zu umfangreich geworden wäre. :)

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