Faeria - Interview über eSport und die Zukunft des Spiels

Interview über eSport und die Zukunft des Spiels

Emilien Eloy, CMO bei Abrakam, hat sich unseren Fragen zu Faeria gestellt und spricht über den integrierten Turnier-Modus, die Notwendigkeit eines Spectator-Modes und die Zukunft des Kartenspiels mit lebendigem Spielfeld.

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Faeria feierte sowohl auf Kickstarter, als auch auf Steam großen Erfolg und erfreut sich dank innovativen Spielkonzept, welches aus dem Kartenspiel eine lebendige Welt macht, einer treuen Community. Mit monatlichen Turnieren und speziell auf eSport ausgelegten Features preschen die Entwicklung in Richtung kompetitives Spielen und erzählen uns nun, wo die Reise hingeht.

Onlinewelten: Faeria launched with a huge emphasis on competitive play and eSports - can you tell us why you think that the hybrid of strategy and card game makes a good fit for eSports?

Emilien Eloy: We think any game needs three things to be an eSports title: Most important, of course, is good gameplay – it needs to be complex enough to create exciting games between top players, yet still accessible for new players and spectators. Secondly you need passionate fans, and finally you need platforms to allow players to compete among each other, and for fans to follow. For decades, CCGs have combined the first two points, but have been missing the third, and we now live in a time when the third point is the easiest, so all we need to do is create the game and give our community the ability to grow Faeria into a major eSport.

Onlinewelten: One of your biggest announced features is the integrated tournament mode which will allow everyone to host their own cups. What options can players expect and how will they be able to modify their own tournaments?

Emilien Eloy: So far we have only implemented very basic tools, such as deck locking, in the game to allow players to compete in various tournaments hosted through external websites. Our fully-integrated tournament mode is still being discussed, both internally and with third-party partners, but our goal is to facilitate both community-run and official-endorsed tournaments through the same system, allowing the tournament creator (be that a gamer wanting to play with his friends or a company such as ESL) to set their own tournament structure, entry cost, prizes, etc.

Onlinewelten: Spectator and Caster often need more information displayed than players. What statistics or features will your observer mode support?

Emilien Eloy: We have already shipped our first iteration of our observer mode that allows spectators to see both players’ cards at the same time, as well as the feedback each player sees (what cards/tokens they are hovering over), but we are looking at improving it in the next couple of months based on feedback from our partners. The two biggest improvements already planned are ability to draw on the screen from within the game, for commentators to use when explaining strategies, and automated statistics from the game.

Onlinewelten: With the “Faeria Monthly Cup” you actively promote competitive play and pit the best and most popular players of the community against each other. What would you recommend players that want to get started in competitive play?

Emilien Eloy: Even during paid Early Access, we have a fantastic and active community, who are constantly coming up with ways to help each other. From guide articles and videos to Discord chats, websites dedicated to sharing decks to Faeria coaching sessions, there’s something for everyone. In particular we would recommend watching VODs from our previous Monthly Cups, where skilled Faeria players commentate and analyze the games to give viewers a deeper understanding into the strategies and moves the top players are making.

Onlinewelten: How do you see the future for Faeria in eSports? Are you already looking for partners to host bigger tournaments or are you taking it slow as long as the game is in early access?

Emilien Eloy: Right now, our focus is on providing great experiences for our players, no matter what their skill level is. Our Monthly Cups are at the center of this, but we also support smaller community driven cups, and have organized events such as the Gamers Origin Faeria Clash. We are indeed talking to several other companies to help grow the Faeria eSports scene, and while we can’t yet announce anything, we can tease that the first news in this area will come very, very soon!


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Original Interview (english)


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